In 2028, Deadwood will be...


*Upcoming: Community Visioning Meetings

The next step in updating Deadwood's Comprehensive Plan is forming a collective community vision and setting goals for the future of Deadwood. 

Your input is vital for this and for helping to create the best possible future of Deadwood so please plan to attend one of the upcoming Community Visioning Meetings! 

The Visioning Meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 27th and Thursday, March 29th from 1-2 pm and 5:30-6:30 pm (same times each day) at the Days of '76 Museum in the Mary Adams Room.

Each meeting will last one hour and the meeting format will be the same for each meeting. All meetings are open to the public!

Community & Visitor Survey Results

The Community & Visitor Survey responses have all been compiled and the full results are available for you to review by clicking here.

Stakeholder Meetings Public Input

Thank you to all who attended the Stakeholder Meetings last October. 

A summary of the public input provided at these meetings, as well as input from students at Lead-Deadwood High School, is available here.

Below is a "word cloud" showing what people said they love about Deadwood:


To learn more about Deadwood's Comprehensive Plan, visit the About page.